lunes, 14 de marzo de 2011

mi primera estrofa en ingles... y mi primer poema en ingles

Primero la pequeña estrofa: 

i don't want to forget 
i don't want to say next
i prefer cry love
in the sad crow's nest

 ---------<(By TheZybranPM)>--------

Y ahora el poema: 

 Give me a knife
put an end to my life
give me a hole
to bury in it my soul

Give me a night
to break this dull chains 
let me fight
to forget the nightmares

Give me a black coffin in a lonely nest
emblazoned with a white rose
to my empty container's rest
and put in my hands a rusty longsword

...symbolic manifestation of my lost honored steps...

give me a obscure grave
give me a quiet place
to cry my sorrows
and fall into a sleep

...swimming into my dreams...

...somewhere, where forgetting can be...

 ---------<(By TheZybranPM)>--------

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